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           The Juanita is a replica of the longboat from the 18th century Spanish naval ship Sutil. Under the command of Captain Alcala Galiano the Sutil was part of a massive Spanish exploration of the B.C. Coastal waters in 1792. The boat was constructed by the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society members in 1991 at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. The detailed drawings for the project were provided by the noted historic naval architect Gregory Foster.

           The Juanita was launched in mid 1991 and used in the Discovery Reenactment activities in 1991. The boat was also used as an educational project for the public to learn about the historic context of the original Juanita as a ship's longboat.

           Presently the Juanita is used as a feature project each year in the annual Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival where the public can take her out for a row around False Creek. She is also moored through the summer at the Britannia Shipyard docks in
Steveston, BC and is available for Society members to use.


Leaving the Maritime Museum


Rowing in Alder Bay


Rowing in Alder Bay


1998 Juanita Re-fit at Maritime Museum:














At the January 10th, 2015 AGM, a complete refurbishment of Juanita was approved. After nearly 25 years of being the Society's flagship, she will undergo a complete refit using traditional methods to insure another 25+ years of flying the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society's flag.

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