Hello Visitors to the 2015 Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival's Wooden Boat Registry.

In August of 2013 I took my newly built rowing boat, “Deva” to the Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival at Granville Island. I enjoyed the Festival and particularly liked two of the small boats, “Snowdrop” and “Wee Duggie”, both early 50s vintage. I decided to see if there was anything similar that I could try and restore.


To my surprise this sweet little runabout turned up. It was built in Vancouver in 1956 and sold by the Hudson Bay complete with an 18hp Johnson outboard. This boat had made its way from Vancouver to New York, back to Washington State and then back to Port Coquitlam. I am the second owner and I must say that the family that owned it had always looked after it.


 One look at the outboard told me that it wasn't going to run but the compression was good. I changed everything that could be changed from the outside including the impeller, stuck it in a garbage can and pulled the string. It happily fired up (I believe for the first time since 1985). With that success I clamped the motor on the transom and headed for Allouette Lake. The motor fired up first pull every time and the boat performed like a champion (this might be a slight exaggeration, an 18hp 1957 outboard is no power house but you get the idea).

Thrilled, I pulled it back to my shop, stripped the hull down and started to refinish it. The one trip on the lake pointed out one deficiency, there is no storage for anything

(everything winds up in the bilge) so I have added 3 glove boxes which at least starts to address the problem.  


A run up the lake:

Small Wooden Boats are the best.

Mike Jennings

Some more pictures of “Dulcinea” at the 2015 Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival:

Stern View

Builder's Plaque

1957 18hp Johnson

Helmsman seat with engine controls:



Bow detail:



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